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The Insurance Subrogation Attorneys Network (ISAN),  provides insurance carriers with professional collection and litigation of their commercial subrogation claims utilizing select collection attorneys in Alabama and throughout the nation, in all 50 states. 

There is quite an advantage for an insurance carrier, whether large or small, to utilize our attorney network for the collection of their insurance subrogation claims. The advantage to our network clients comes in the form of savings, in both time and money. Typically, the insurance carrier has to track claims forwarded to many different collection attorneys around the country but with ISAN, the process is managed for them. 

At our network headquarters, our collection attorneys and legal staff handle the intake of all claim data and supporting documents, the administration, reporting and remittance for all claims and monies recovered, the forwarding of all claims to our network affiliate attorneys nationwide and the monitoring and legal status of all claims within our network. 

The insurance carrier, as an ISAN client, simply has one contact source, regardless of how many claims are placed within our network or where the subrogation debtors are located geographically. You will no longer have to chase down collection attorneys in many different states to find out the legal status of your subrogation claims.

In Alabama, as in all states within our network, our collection attorneys provide full collection and legal services for the client on all subrogation claims placed. From the initial collection demand, to litigation, to sister state judgment domestication and post judgment enforcement, our network collection attorneys are highly seasoned, aggressive and results driven in providing the insurance carrier with solid legal representation.

Each of our network collection attorneys is focused on providing our clients with an effective and efficient means with which to recover the money owed on their commercial subrogation claims in the shortest amount of time possible. Whether the insurance carrier has commercial subrogation claims just in Alabama or in many other states, our attorney network can easily assist in the recovery of their claims. 

The professionals at ISAN can provide the insurance carrier with a customized collection campaign that will not only suit its company needs but will clearly focus on the successful and expedient collection of the insurance subrogation claims that are placed. Our attorney network stands ready to serve the insurance carriers in Alabama and across the country.

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